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Rock On 2 Takes Farhan & Gang Right To Next Level



Shillong shimmers as the trailer of Rock On 2 opens with a man rowing a boat across a tranquil river.

The splash of rowing water merges  into the roar of concert crowds forming a sea of drowning humanity clinging to that straw of hope which music provides.

Farhan Akhtar’s voiceover informs us that  it’s been a while—8 years to be precise—since Magik(that’s the band comprising the Rock On musicians, and that’s what  Rock On was originally supposed to be titled) played.Now there are back for another glorious gig.

If the trailer of Rock On 2 is anything to go by, then the second instalment of the Rock On raga-saga promises to be livelier in  tone and richer in texture. The energy and the adrenaline level are palpable. You can almost feel the heat and….well, taste the thunder, as Farhan and gang go back on stage.

Giving them company is Shraddha Kapoor who is quite a singer herself, somewhere between the bathroom variety and the ballroom variety.  She seems to be brought in for an emotional heft and not to give Farhanromantic company.He is married to Prachi Deasi,remember?

In the trailer Shraddha weeps as Farhan plays muse , encouraging her to sing.

“Will you sing with me?” Shraddha whimpers sonorously.

Neki aur pooch pooch????!!!! The soundtrack comes alive to a new ‘duet’ version of the original Rock Onanthem composed freshly by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

The pulsating trailer of Rock On 2 moves through a swirl of music and drama , all done in one dexterously edited sweep. I caught a shot of Farhan hanging by  a crane over the Mumbai streets near the Taj hotel. Farhanis clearly in the mood to fly as high as possible and much further than the earlier film.

Director Shujaat Saudagar doesn’t allow us to miss the original director Abhishek Kapoor for even a split second.

Sigh! The things people lose in pursuit of  their dreams? Damn! Isn’t that what Rock On is about? Good to have you back, guys. Can’t wait for November 11 when Rock On 2 releases.


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