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Ronit Roy Missed His Biggest Birthday Present, Lataji reacts



Ronit Roy Missed His Biggest Birthday Present, Lataji reacts 12

Television’s most wanted star-actor Ronit Roy who turned  55 on October 11, says he  missed his  most precious  gift  for  the day when India’s  Nightingale  Lata Mangeshkar tweeted her birthday wishes for Ronit.

Ronit who is out  of  country  with his  family says he  missed Lataji’s message. “I’m off social networking.And I only got to know of her generosity when a friend  told me  about it the  next day. Lataji is an amazing human being and  an incomparable artiste. I consider  myself extremely fortunate to  be the recipient of her love and blessings.”

Ronit has  a karmic connection with Lataji. “We talk often. She sent me a gift recently during the lockdown and I was overwhelmed emotionally and so proud. I treasure our relationship immensely.”

Ronit brought in a quiet birthday this year. “I was working most of the day.My wife and children had an  amazing birthday surprise all planned out. We had fabulous dinner at a restaurant.”

Lataji has only good things to  say about Ronit Roy and his show.  “Adaalat  featuring Ronit Roy is  my favourite television show.  Though I don’t watch much television any  more I  make it a point to  watch every episode  of Adaalat. Ronit is  commanding as  a lawyer.  If I ever need  a  lawyer  I’d go to someone  like him.”

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