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Ronit Roy On Coping With The Lockdown

One  of  television’s most  distinguished  actors Ronit Roy is  currently  coping with   the  chores at  home rather than regaling  audiences with his performance.

“Isn’t that what everyone is doing?” wonders  Ronit, best known for his powerful performances in Adaalat and   Yeh Rishte Hain Pyar Ke. “We locked  our house down and sent  the drivers and all the house-help away on 12 March. I was supposed   to travel to the US  in  March. But I cancelled away ahead in February because  I suspected  this pandemic would grow, going by the numbers in Iran and Italy. On 12 March my daughter had a school test after which we went into quarantine. So it’s  been  for over two  months.”

 Ronit is not missing a social life, “You know me. I’m a  recluse by nature  and home bird by choice. The lockdown doesn’t make  a difference to  me  as long as I’ve my family with me. But I think it’s tougher  for my wife and  children . They’d like to step out for fresh air  . But  can only do so  once every 12-13 days to buy  essentials.”

Ronit maintains  a rigid self-discipline at home during this prolonged  quarantine.  “I am not eating more than I normally do. But I must confess I enjoy my wife’s cooking  since  she is  doing all  the cooking.But it’s normal   food, so no binging. Except maybe  a  bit of  icrecream now  and then  and a  glass of wine once a week,And  I wake up at my usual time between 6.30-7 am. I am not doing anything  now that I wouldn’t do under  normal circumstances. Just that I don’t go to the  gym and I work out at home.”

Ronit is working from home. “The  promotions for my  new serial Kehne Ko Humasafar Hain on Zee are starting.So I’d be doing interviews on phone  and video conference. I run a company with 120  employees. Though   work is suspended  their  families need to stay afloat . I am  looking into  whatever their  issues,monetary  or  otherwise maybe.”

Ronit  does  look at  the  news  on Twitter and the  internet , but otherwise  keeps  busy during the  day with  various  household  chores. “I start  the  day by waking  up  my children  for their online classes. Then I  sit  with my cup of coffee and  plan the day. I  work out then I  practice on my saxophone  have lunch,  rest for a while and then  all my  office work needs  to take taken care. In the evening I watch an hour  or so of whatever show I want.”

Introspection is  part  of  Ronit’s nature.  “I’ve been on this  introspective journey for  more than a  decade. It’s  a  natural part  of me. I am in touch with myself. I know who I am I know my responsibilities.I  know  where I go wrong…I think most people know it instinctively  but ignore it. This is the  time to sort out your  priorities. The rat-race has slowed down,  and cheers to a new beginnings.”

Advice for fans? “By now  everyone knows what  to do. Most of us will catch the  virus,some  of  us wouldn’t even know  it. This  pandemic affects  us physically, emotionally . I suggest  an hour and a half of exercise even if you have limited space at  home. Mentally we have to be strong. There are  a lot  of  problems in everyone’s life. This  is a  storm. But everyone is on his  own boat. Be calm  with the  family at home. Please  sort  out your domestic issues with  gentle  dialogue. Beyond that we  know nothing about the  future. Except that  all of us are in this together and we will overcome this.”

About the  financial  crisis being faced  by the  Indian television industry  Ronit says, “Too grave and intense matter for me to address .Like I said I have a 120 employees who I’m taking care of. I’m sure the people who owe this money to the actors understand the situation and should release the money to them.But it’s like that all over. My producer refused to pay my dues and I’ll lockdown opens. Luckily, my kitchen is afloat.”


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