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Ronit Roy Provides The Solution Ahead For Shooting



Ronit Roy Provides The Solution Ahead For Shooting 10

One of television’s superstars and of one  the  finest actors  in  the country Ronit Roy is currently facing the severe  consequences  of  the lockdown.

“It’s becoming  difficult for me to  pay all my staff.  But it is  also my moral obligation to  do so. I’ll somehow manage  no matter what it takes,” says Ronit, adding that career-wise everything has come to a  standstill .

“I was supposed to  start shooting for a couple of webseries. But before I could do so, the lockdown happened.And  all activities froze. Now everything will have to wait until  life normalizes. I have one day’s shooting left for Yash Raj Films’ Shamshera(with Ranbir Kapoor) and  there’s  a lot of shooting left for Karan Johar’s Fighter,” says  Ronit.

  Discussing the way out for  shooting  to resume, Ronit  has this suggestion: “I think  collecting together  the entire cast and crew in one shooting location where they  would be housed  until the  shooting is  over,  avoiding travel and  commuting back and forth and thereby avoiding any  contamination  during travel, that’s the  solution for now.Let producers make arrangements  for the entire cast  and crew  to be together  until  shooting is wrapped up.”

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