Rs.200 is too expensive a massage for this top actress earning in crores!

Bolo kaun hai woh?

This top actress who is earning in crores and getting top billing in her films is one kanjoos in real life, says her neighbours. The actress is getting an astronomical amount in her next film and also creatively involved in its making (unit members say she’s ghost-directing it). But when it comes to shelling out money for her personal work, the actress cribs about as small (for her) an amount as Rs.200! Talk to the people working for her including her driver, spotboy and maalishwali and one will know the truth. The maalishwali (female masseuse) has been complaining to other people that she gives massages to, saying how the actress grumbles about paying her even Rs.200 for a session as she feels that it’s way too expensive and others charge much less. Every time this poor maalishwali goes to give a massage to the actress, it becomes a bargaining-cum-haggling game (like shopping for vegetables at the market) for both. Not just that, at home this actress keeps a strict tab on the household expenses and  every day doles out only a meager daily expense for everyone.

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PS: Buzz is that apart from her own stupendous fee which the actress has charged for her next film, she is also charging extras for her creative inputs as she is also becoming more and more creative in almost every department in the making of her films. A film studio which has bought the rights of the film is paying through the nose for the film (and her nakhras) but it doesn’t seem to mind. Her last film was a bummer at the boxoffice but the actress is still known as a top star. Such is the price of success indeed!

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