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Runningshaadi Director Feels Violated & Compromised

The honourable court’s decision to ask the makers of Runningshaadito drop ‘.com’ from the film’s title has left its director Amit Roy feeling violated and compromised.

Says Amit angrily, “As a filmmaker I feel very violated and compromised. Such a verdict just days from release is , I feel, very unfair.We had to mute and erase the word from the title from the entire film at the last minute.This is akin to the mutilation of  the film.”

Like many other filmmakers Amit feels there should be laws restraining protesters from raising legal objections weeks or days before release. “It seems as though any and everybody can stand up  during the week of a film’s release and by using the threat  of  stopping the release , armtwist you into financial blackmail, or otherwise force you to mutilate your film.”

The muting and blurring of the word ‘.com’ has been unanimously panned by critics and the audience.

And Amit is livid. “It is offensive and unacceptable. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to make films in this country.”



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