Rustom Will Have Akshay Kumar Playing  K M Nanavati


When he discovered his wife cheating on him with his best friend, naval commander K M Nanavati had fouroptions . He could’ve killed his wife.He could’ve killed her lover. He could have himself. Or he could’ve killed all four.

Nanavati  chose the second option. He gunned down his wife’s lover who was also his best friend. The crime-passionel rocked Mumbai in 1959. And inspired a 1963 drama  Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke with Sunil Dutt in the naval officer’s role. The film directed by  R K Nayyar(the late much-missed Sadhana’s husband) somehow failed to create the passion and drama of the real crime.

Now 53 years later Akshay Kumar is all set to recreate the crime in Rustom.

And though the film’s content is at present being kept under wraps(there is a reason for that, suspense!) Akshayis definitely the most capable A-lister to convey the possessive jealousy that prompted Nanavati to commit the crime.

Though he is still doing  the occasional  broad  comedy  (Housefull 3) Akshay is now on the prowl searching for roles that take him  into the realm of the real. His recent roles reflect that search for truth in his characters, whether it is Baby or Airlift.

Rustom will give Akshay a chance to explore the darker side of heroism. What happens when pure unalloyed wholehearted love encounters  betrayal of an unbearable proportion?

The last time we saw an envious husband snuff out his wife’s life was in Gulzar’s Achanak.

Rustom  is likely to be Akshay Kumar’s most passionate role to date.And there is a reason why he is not talking about it . Soni Razdan(Mrs Mahesh Bhatt) is also making a film based on the same rea-life crime with Ajun Rampal in the naval officer’s role.

In Soni Razdan’s film Love Affair which Pooja Bhatt produces, Arjun Rampal plays the naval officer. ThoughRustom started much later it is most likely to release long before Love Affair.

Real-life crime never had it so good.

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