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S S Rajamouli : “We’ve Come Out With A Great Film”



S S Rajamouli : “We’ve Come Out With A Great Film” 15

Although  the  long-awaited release  of S S Rajamouli’s  RRR again had  to be pushed ahead  Rajamouli is unbeat.  “ It has taken us more than 3 years to make this film. We’ve surfed two waves of the pandemic, we’ve tackled various problems, difficulties and injuries and we’ve come out with a great film. I am eagerly waiting to see the reactions of audiences from all over the world. I’m confident that the result is going to be worth the battle.”

Overwhelming expectations do  not  daunt Rajamouli. “Expectations do not intimidate me.In fact they strengthen me… To all the audiences who are expecting emotional experiences as good as Baahubali, brace yourselves because we have made a stronger film.

There is a lot of curiosity about Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt’s roles in RRR. How much of them would we get to see in the film and what made you choose them?

Replies Rajamouli, “I’ve been a great admirer of theirs since very long. I knew it in my gut that they would be perfect for their parts. They’ve done great justice to their characters. As to how much of them you will be seeing in the film, I think you just have to wait for  some  more time to get the answer. All I can say for now is that their characters will stay in your hearts for days after you have watched the film.”

While Baahubali was a costume fantasy, RRR  is  a historical.Rajamouli says  the  team has delved to get the facts right, “Though RRR is a fictional film, we delved into painstaking details to get the right look and feel. We went through thousands of photographs and the little footage of 1920s Delhi that we could find to create an accurate world. Special mention to Sabu sir (our production designer) for bringing his immense knowledge to paint the world of RRR.”

The film is releasing in 5 Indian languages, in almost 10000 screens all over the world.

With the Covid crisis still unresolved how large does Rajamouli   think the viewership is going to be?  “With the right precautions in place, I think the film industry can be revived to its previous glory without compromising on public safety. Tens of thousands of people in our country are directly dependent on this great industry of ours, and it is important for all of us that people come back to the cinemas. It would obviously be a matter of pride for us if this change begins with RRR.”

Rajamouli’s cinema is all about size, grandeur and visual splendour. With the digital platform dominating the cinematic experience is his creative vision  impaired?

The  director  says he is  not opposed  to the  digital  avenue. “OTTs have done many good things to visual storytelling. Easier access has bridged the gap between original content and audiences. However, theatrical experience is something else. There’s something magical about sharing a larger-than-life experience with 500 other people. Digital platforms are here to stay, and I’m sure that we’re going to see more great content in the future. But the theatrical experience is so embedded in our country’s zeitgeist that it is a part of our culture now. The theatrical experience was threatened by TV also a few decades ago. But since then theatres have only increased multifold.”

Every major actor wants to work with SS Rajamouli. Who are the actors he wants to work with?Rajamouli  admits he  admires many, many actors and has  the desire to work with so many of them. “But it is the story which chooses its actors. I would ask any actor to play a character, however big or small, if the story needs them.”

Finally What according to  Rajamouli  is RRR’s   biggest USP? “I could say that RRR is the first true-blue Indian multi-starrer in a very long time. Or that we have shot some fantastic action sequences which will make for a thrilling experience. But underneath all the star power and visual extravaganza there is an emotional story which will resonate with everyone. I would say that the story is the biggest USP of RRR.”

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