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Saaho Director Sujeeth Breaks His Silence

Ever since the long-awaited Saaho was  released  the savage flak directed at  its young director Sujeeth Reddy has left him reeling. Rather than  justify what he has done in Saaho  Sujeeth has  sensibly decided to stay mum. 

And stay with his Mum. Sujeeth’s mother is looking after him,  as he recovers  from the aftershocks of a film gone horribly awry, and  from dengue fever.

“What did  I do?” he asks rhetorically in an exclusive conversation with this  writer. “I made the  film me, Prabhas Sir and my producers believed in. The audiences came in large numbers  to see our effort. But I  am still being criticized harshly, as if I have committed a crime.”

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Outrageous statements  such as  the one where Sujeeth is quoted as  claiming that fans of Saaho in Bihar want to  build a temple for him, has  Sujeeth stumped.

“Sir please show me where I’ve said this.I never said this. One guy who has nothing to do with the  film made this statement on YouTube. I would never  give  these  kinds of statements . I know how ridiculous it sounds,” Sujeet laughs mirthlessly.

He wonders  why he  is being slammed so savagely. “I don’t know why all these reports targeting me are being  published.I’ve not spoken to anyone in  the  media except you  after  the film’s 

release.  Even when I say ‘No comments’ it is turned  into an interview.I last gave interviews one day after  the release  of Saaho. And  those quotes are  now  being used  against me.”

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Sujeeth says he is not prone to selfcongratulations. “My mother  would  kill me if I  became pompous. They build temples for  people like  Rajinikanth Sir and Mammootthy Sir. I can only be  a devotee at the temple of  great actors and great cinema. I am not into  bragging, Sir. I am just staying away from the  media and public  appearances because of all the negativity being thrown  at the movie. Love or hate the  film. But why target me?”

Sujeeth says  it will take him time to  recover  from the  backlash. “I should be enjoying the film’s success. Instead  I am sick in  bed. All confused in  my head. Fortunately  for me Prabhas Sir and  the  producers are supporting me. That’s the only good thing happening in my  life right now.Seeing all the  criticism I  decided to keep quiet, And still, all these negative things are  being said about me.”

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Sujeeth is  trying to remain unaffected.  “I am staying calm, wondering  what wrong have I done.”


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