Saif Ali Khan Changes His Mind….Again!

The most indecisive actor in Bollywood has to be Saif Ali Khan. Ask filmmaker Reema Kagti who  signed Saif for a  film titled Mr Chalu only to have her leading man opt out at the last moment thereby aborting the project.

Apparently Saif has a lot of those second thoughts. He once declared to the press that he’s doing a film with  Natalie Portman . But then decided it was a “joke”

More seriously Saif has recently put his foot in his mouth by declaring he is not happy with his daughter Sara’s decision to join films.Not one to take such damaging statements lying down Saif’s ‘bitter’ half Amrita Singh slammed down on her ex-husband.

Apparently she told him it was an irresponsible thing to say considering Sara is  about to embark on  a film career. With habitual aplomb Saif switched over to the other side, declaring he was “misquoted” and “quoted out of context” regarding his daughter’s chosen career and that he’s quite pleased with her Columbia-educated daughter running around trees.

Come on , Saif. It’s okay .We all have fears and apprehensions about our daughters’ future.And actors are known to be paranoid about their daughters getting into films. Dharmendra’s daughter from his  first wife never even contemplated a career in films. Sanjay Dutt has told his daughter in the US she needn’t think of an acting career.And  Aamir Khan’s daughter is going into a career behind the camera.
So relax. Even if your current Beghum broke the taboo on womenfolk from filmy empires being disqualified from acting careers, and even if your mom Sharmila Tagore continued to act after marriage and motherhood,you never approved of your sister Soha’s cating career.

It’s  okay to want your daughter away from the arclights when you know what goes in the glare of glamour.

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