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Saif Ali Khan Distances Himself From Sarah’s Drug Controversy

Saif Ali Khan Distances Himself From Sarah’s Drug Controversy 3

 It is no coincidence that  Saif  Ali Khan flew  off with his second wife Kareena Kapoor and their two-year  old son to Delhi  when the drug  scandal  swooped down on Saif’s first-born Sara Ali Khan.

 Apparently  Saif and  his team took a  conscious  decision to  distance himself completely  from the scandal.

“He  just cut himself  off from  the  whole controversy  and decided  to accompany his wife on her  shooting  in Delhi rather than  stick around in Mumbai and face a barrage  of  uncomfortable  questions, ” says a  source  close to the  Kapoors.

Apparently Saif is very upset  over  his daughter’s alleged  involvement   in the drugs controversy.

“But he  refuses  to get  involved. Saif feels  it was  Sarah’s  mother Amrita Singh’s responsibility   to  monitor what Sarah was  up to.And now he’ll take  no  responsibilty  for what has  happened,” says  the  source

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