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Saif Ali Khan Looks  Forward To His First Diwali In His New Home



 Saif Ali Khan in Omkara

Saif Ali Khan, his wife Kareena  and his sons have recently  moved  into their new home.

They are  now looking forward to their  first Diwali in their new residence.

The  Family intends to  celebrate  the festive occasion in a  big way.

Says Saif, “It’s our first Diwali in  our  new place.So we will be celebrating it with family, friends lights and love. We are looking forward  to our first Diwali  here.”

Explaining the  need  to move into  a  new home, Saif says, “With Jeh coming  into the family we needed a bit more space.The new home  has  more open spaces for the children  to run around. Otherwise we were happy  in the  little apartment. There  is more terrace space for  Taimur and Jeh now. The other   house  was  too cluttered. It’s  lucky that Taimur did not bump into anything . We didn’t remove any  of  the furniture, as we were advised to, when he  was born.”

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