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Saif Ali Khan Makes A Pertinent Point About Bollywood’s Pseudo-historicity



There is  an alarming new  formula  for  pseudo-historical  potboilers  on  Hindi cinema. The  brave indomitable: Hindu warrior  versus  the evil Islamic invader. …Recently  in an interview with Anupama Chopra Saif Ali  Khan  speaking on the distortion  of history in Tanhaji and  other  films , said, “It bothers me as an Indian or a humanbeing…Maybe I’d  be more careful next time… I don’t think  this is history. I am aware  of what history  was. I don’t think there  was a concept of India till the British came along.”

Predictably Saif has been slammed for his comments  on the social media.While many have ridiculed  him  for  what they see as his  limited  knowledge  of  history  others are  condemning him for coming out against his own film.

While Saif  has  wisely decided  to comment no more on  Indian cinema’s sense  of history a  source close to the actor says, “Saif’s honesty has always been a problem. He  speaks his mind, and faces the consequences. He  recently  made  it very clear  that he  didn’t much care  for the trailer  of his daughter Sara Ali Khan’s   next release Love Aaj Kal. Now he has spoken up about the  nebulous sense  of history  in his own  starrer Tanhaji.”

 We hear  Ajay Devgan who produces and plays  the  lead  in  Tanhaji is  not  very amused by his co-star’s candour.

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