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Saif Confirms Bhoot Police  2 



Saif Ali Khan in Bhoot Police

You may or may not be a fan of last year’s spooky satire Bhoot Police where  Arjun Kapoor  and Saif Ali Khan  joined forces  for  a farce  that  many, including  your truly  thought to be  , an utter waste of time

But  Bhoot Police  will  have a  sequel. Yes, you had that right.

Confirming  the  development, Saif  Ali Khan says,  “I loved the script and I liked my role in Bhoot Police. It  continues to be one of the most  watched  films on that platform, and they are very keen to do a sequel.”

The  first  part  of  Bhoot Police was filled with  such never-before sights and  sounds.  …Like  A Chudail belching profanity like Linda Blair ,  like Saif trying to  mimic Rajkummar Rao in Stree  ,or  Arjun Kapoor  puking into  a  holy earthen pot while Saif holds it for him, or…never mind! This  pointless  illustration of the  horror-comedy that neither  horrifies  nor amuses can go on  all day, and we would still not  be able to do justice to the  plot holes and  storytelling absurdities.

Bhoot Police is the  kind  of ‘possessed’ horror-comedy where  horror and comedy can easily exchange  places, none would be any the wiser…Not that wisdom counts for anything in a film as witless and  wimpish as this. There is not one moment in Bhoot Police that can be considered even remotely inspired.

But  there  you have it. A  sequel is  on the way. Enjoy.

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