Saif: “Please Don’t Stalk Taimur”

Protective Papa Saif Ali Khan who is discernibly disturbed by the constant attention given to his 2-year old son Taimur, recently blurted out at the airport’s ubiquitous paparazzi, “Stop it, the child will go blind.”

Though everyone including the photographers laughed, the point of acute parental concern was made.

A few days later the cops swooped down on the paparazzi outside Saif and Kareena’s residence and asked them to disperse.

It is believed that Saif complained to the cops about the constant paparazzi attention.

However in an exclusive conversation Saif denies having anything to do with it, though he admits he found their constant presence intrusive.

Says Saif, “Yes, cops cleared the paparazzi because someone complained .Not me !I can’t say I feel kindly about their presence.Because ten people lounging about outside your house waiting for a shot of your kid is disturbing, to say the least . I didn’t complain because I don’t want to deprive anyone of a job.”

Saif has a request for the photographers. “Please don’t stalk Taimur. He is not a star. He is just a child.”

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