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Saif Being Trained By Two Chefs For CHEF

By the time Saif Ali  Khan finishes shooting for Raja Krishna Menon’s Chef he will be a master cuisine creator.

Saif is being trained for the part by two of the most accomplished  chefs of Mumbai.

Shedding light on Saif’s rigorous training  in the  culinary arts director Raja Krishna Menon  says, “Basically Saif  was training  for Indian cooking earlier and now he’s training for more international cuisine, since that’s what we have left to shoot.”

Two chefs were chosen to tutor Saif .

Says Menon, “He was trained by two professional chefs . Earlier it was Chef Himanshu and now it’s Chef Ranjit Thomas. Both from theJW Marriott. He can make a pretty decent meal now!”

Apparently Saif has  become quite a cook at home too. He has taken over wife Kareena’s kitchen and cooks  up yummy meals for the entire family.

“Saif has become very fond of cooking after working in Chef. He invites friends and family over for dinner and whips up yummy meals. This is one skill worth learning for a role. It’s a gastronomical delight meant to last forever.”



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