Saif Won’t Talk About Kareena & Taimur

Not much is happening in Saif Ali Khan’s career. Unless we consider his new Netflix series Sacred Games which had him flying down to India for a day last week from his extended vacation in London for promotional activities.

Sources close to the project say Saif was “very reluctant” to interrupt his holiday for the series’ promotion as he knew he would be asked questions only about his glamorous wife Kareena and cute son Taimur.

“Not that Saif is not proud of them. But he’s tired of being the frontman for the two stars in his family. Besides he felt that answering questions on his wife and son would deflect attention from the promotion of Sacred Games. So all questions on matters not pertaining to the show were left at the door at the media interaction,” says a source.

One also hears from a source very close to Saif that he has already made up his mind to send Taimur to boarding school in England as soon as he is old enough to be on his own.

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