Saif’s Next Film To Be Acquired By Netflix, Producers Happy Saif & Director Hopping Mad!

Saif Ali Khan’s last 6 films including his latest release the  much-lauded Chef has bombed, leading to a  serious career crisis. 

The  news that awaits Saif’s career is  ambivalent. His next and only pending release , writer  turned director Akshat Sharma’s Kaalkaandi is most likely to be acquired by  Netflix India. Though this deal is not confirmed  yet, apparently the negotiations are seriously on between the Kaalaakandi producers and Netflix.

The  film’s writer-director Akshat Sharma has apparently been left out of  the negotiations.

Says a  source  close to the development,  “Netflix is  a solid platform to release Kaalaakandi and the  producers who are in the panic mode post Saif’s flop binge are happy to have found a way out for their what see as  a niche film. But Akshat and Saif are hopping mad. Their logic is simple: the film was  never designed  for the small screen.It is  not a   niche  film for  the Akshat and Saif.”

Says a  source  very close to Akshat, “If he was asked to make the film for the digital platform he would have made  it in a different way. Kaalakaandi  is made for  the large screen. And to release  it on  the digital platform , no  matter how posh the outlet would be extremely damaging  to Saif’s career at  this juncture.”

But the producers  are not willing to listen.Why would they,when they see a quick recovery of their investments at a time when their film’s leading man seems to be in a doomed state of  existence.

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