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Saira Banu Says Shah Rukh Khan Is Like The Son That She & Dilip Kumar Never Had.Here Are 7 Similarities Between Dilip Kumar & Shah Rukh Khan



1.     Both DK and SRK are Muslim Pathans who hail from absolutely non-film backgrounds. Both went on to become superstars of legendary proportions.

2.     Both married women younger than they.  The very devoted Saira Banu is  19 years junior to her  husband Dilip Kumar. Shah Rukh Khan’s Gauri is 5 years his junior.

3.      Both  played the iconic Saratchandra Chatterjee hero Devdas in different eras and with different directors.Thankfully, SRK didn’t copy the original.

4.     DK used  to be extremely articulate and well-informed in his  time. If there’s one mind in the film industry that can match Dilip Kumar’s it is Shah Ruk Khan’s. I’ve spent ample time with  both, so I know.

5.     Interestingly they both live in bungalows that are controversial and disputed. DilipSaab’s bungalow in Pali Hill is is even now in the news for being coveted by a builder. As for SRK’s bungalow Mannat it is always in the  news.

6.     Dilip Kumar played Dilip Kumar in a cameo in Gulzar’s Koshish.  Shah Rukh Khan played Shah Rukh in Fan.

7.     They both have a  huge fan following in Pakistan. Dilip Kumar was once awarded the  highest civilian award  in Pakistan.Given today’s political climate Shah Rukh wouldn’t dare accept it.

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