Saiyami Kher, Rohit Sharma & Kieron Pollard launched the new Adidas Shoes

Cricket icons Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard along with adidas running ambassador Saiyami Kher launched a new Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond on Monday.

While talking about the launched product Alphabounce Beyond Mumbai Indians Captain `Rohit said, “These shoes have what an athlete needs to up his/her game. I think this product has the stability that is needed for people who do sharp and quick drills. For fast-paced games like t-20, we need to be on our feet and need to take quick action so for us these are very helpful. We experienced that just nowhere,”

Saiyami Kher, the running adidas ambassador was also present at the launch, she said, the shoes are very comfortable for any shoe size.

“I experienced these shoes for the first time today and I must say they are very comfortable. Also, they look very cool so I am looking forward to running int them and training in them.”

Kieron Pollard added, “Be it any sport, it is very important to wear the right gear for training. This is the perfect shoe and has the right stability and grip. I am looking forward to using them and improving my performance on the field.”

The running footwear is designed specifically for athletes who use running as a primary mode to dominate their game.

IMG 20180409 WA0163 1280x852 - Saiyami Kher, Rohit Sharma & Kieron Pollard launched the new Adidas Shoes

Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard, and Saiyami Kher launched the new adidas AlphaBounce Beyond

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