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Sajal Ali ​Can’t Stop Crying In Pakistan​



By now we know what a fan of Sridevi the human civilization is.  Nonetheless it comes as  a surprise to know that Sajal Ali, the Pakistani actress who plays Sridevi’s daughter in the eagerly awaited Mom is  not just a huge Sridevi fan but she  got so close to the senior actress during shooting to be  almost like a third daughter in the Kapoor family.

Says a source very close to the film, “Normally Sri doesn’t mix with her colleagues at all. Not now not earlier,  never. She is a complete professional on the sets. Even in real life she hardly has any friends. But with Sajal, Sri’s equation was different.”

There is a very good reason why Sridevi warmed up to Sajal.

“Sajal lost her mother recently whom she was very close to .It shattered the girl. Sri took Sajal under her wings after that tragedy, treated the girl like her own daughters. After the tragedy Sajal called Sri from her home-town in Pakistan and broke down saying the whole experience was  too close to her to be treated as a film,” says the source.

Sadly Sajan and her legendary screen-mom cannot be together to share this moment of deep empathy .

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