Salman Advised Katrina To Join Facebook

 Meet the new power-packed gregarious media- and fan-friendly Katrina Kaif. When on her  33rd birthday on July 16 Katrina Kaif decided to join Facebook, she broke her long-held resolve to refrain from sharing her life on any social network.

Not only did she interact with fans on Facebook .Katrina also posted a video of her home as she roamed  with uncharacteristic abandon in it.

So what gives ? Everybody wants to know what prompted Katrina to suddenly turn into a social animal.

Turns out it was her mentor, confidante and dear friend [tooltip id="c1b465420d07c688942ed18eadfd9f92" keyword_color="#000000" background_color="#ffffff"][tooltip id="4db8f5608d45f5de7881d9bce162f4bf"]Salman Khan">[/tooltip][/tooltip] who advised Katrina to get more social interactive.

Says a friend of Katrina, “Of course the final decision to take the plunge and get onFacebook was her own. But Katrina definitely got some solid and sensible advise on this matter from Salman. Part of her reluctance to get on a social platform stemmed from her closeness to Ranbir Kapoor. Since he stayed away from Twitter and Facebook, so did she.”

After her breakup with Ranbir apparently Salman counseled her against the reclusive image.

“She had begun to come across in public as a bit of a sulky spoilsport. Salman advised her to lose her chronically surly attitude and relax in public. Hence the birthday party, something she has never arranged before. Hence the interaction on Facebook.”

It’s time for Katrina to rebuild her life and career.With Mr Kapoor’s best wishes,of course.

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