Salman-Katrina Back Together

By A  Correspondent

The vibes in Austria where Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif  are currently shooting for Tiger Zinda Hai are being described as “very very warm.”

Apparently Salman and Katrina  who once were a couple, are back to sharing the same comfort level as before.

“We are not saying they’re in a relationship. But their equation is definitely on the upswing,” says a source from the stunning location.

Katrina was last seen in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor which came to a deadend. It left her and her career in a state of despair.This is where Salman re-entered her life. He not only got her her first post-breakup project he also made sure she was well looked after by his team .

And now Austria has further cemented their old association.

“Salman is constantly attentive and looking out for Katrina. They spend a lot of time chatting when they aren’t shooting. They are definitely close friends again,” the source from Austria informs excitedly.

It remains to be seen where the renewed friendship between the couple is heading. Perhaps to a place where it couldn’t go the last time they were together?

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