Salman Khan Avoids Running Into Sanjay Dutt

They were once inseparable friends.  Now they don’t want to come face to face. Or ,so it seems. At an event organized to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5  both Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan were special invitees. However when Salman came to know of  Dutt’s presence he opted out at the last minute.

The  cold war between Dutt and Khan has been building up for while. Everything was fine between the two until Dutt was released from his 5-year imprisonment. Salman promised a grand welcome-home party for his buddy at his farm-house in Panvel.

It never happened.

Apparently Salman came to know that Ranbir Kapoor, the guy who gave Katrina Kaif major romantic grief, was to play Dutt in a bio-pic to be directed by Raj Kumar Hirani. Apparently Salman requested Dutt to reconsider.Dutt demurred protesting it was Hiranis’s decision to cast Ranbir as Dutt.

Besides, Dutt is extremely fond of  Ranbir. So why must he disallow the bio-pic?

Salman , not known to take snubs ,no matter how reasonable,  from friends, has taken Dutt’s collaboration with the man who loved and left Katrina,to his heart.

Time will heal the hurt and the heart.


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