Salman Khan Comes To Bobby’s Rescue, Papa Dharmendra Can’t Stop Being Emotional

Long before Salman Khan began describing the legendary Dharmendra as  the handsomest  actor  of Indian cinema,  there was a very special bond between the two actors a, bond that has  now come to  full fruition.

It is  reliably learnt that the entire comeback plan for Dharmendra’s younger son Bobby Deol was planned plotted an executed  by Salman.

A source very close to Dharmendra’s family says, “Race 3 is Salman’s  own production along with Tips Industries..Everything in Race 3  is  decided by Salman including the two leading ladies Jacqueline Fernandez and Daisy Shah(the latter  in spite of the fact that the  film trade has zero interest in her). When the role  of the second lead actor in Race was being considered it Salman who suggested Bobby Deol’s name. Not only did  Salmanrecommend Bobby he made made sure he was signed and  then began Salman’s motivational attempts to get Bobby’s career and physique  out  of its flabby phase.”

The source says the lazy Bobby Deol hit the gym and got back into shape solely because  of Salman.

“What Dharmendra and  his elder son Sunny couldn’t get Bobby to do, Salman has succeeded in making  him do. If Bobby is  back in  shape it’s all because of Salman.Dharamji can’t stop being grateful,” says the source.

Says Dharmendra, “I’ve always  seen many of my traits  in Salman.  He is  like  a younger version  of me. Salmanhas been very close to me and my family.Now when Bobby is working with him I feel very happy. It’s like one two of my three sons coming together.”

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