Is Salman Khan Engaged To Lulia Vantur?

Is Salman Khan Engaged To Lulia Vantur?

There is a strong rumour in the film industry that the evergreen bachelor-superstar Salman Khan has decided to marry his Romanian girlfriend Lulia Vantur , and that they’ve undergone a ring ceremony at the Khans’ farm house in Panvel on the outskirts of Mumbai.

While the authenticity of the rumour is not verifiable a friend of the superstar does confirm Ms Vantur’s presence at the Khans’ farm house.

“She was here this week, staying as Salman’s house guest at his farm house along with other guests. But whether the engagement happened or not, I don’t know,” says the friend.

During the past two years  Ms Vantur’s visits to Mumbai have  been solely to spend time with her dear friend and to get comfortable, culturally and emotionally, with his family. Salman’s well-wishers and friends hope this relationship leads to the altar .

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