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Salman Khan Gets Unexpected Competition From Priyanka Chopra’s Universe



Just when  everyone thought Salman  Khan would have a free  run  this Eid with Bharat comes  a whirlwind  that may possibly  sweep  Salman’s  festive  offering off its feet.

On  June 5, the day when Bharat  is being unleashed, Fox-Star  is  all set  to release  the latest  super-hero film Dark Phoenix  from Marvel.

We  all know what Marvel’s  Avengers : The Endgame  has done to the   boxoffice the  worldover.Interestingly, Dark Phoenix releases  in the US  on June 7. In India  its  release date has been pre-poned by two days  to June 5   only so that it can  be released  on the same  day as  Ali Abbas  Zafar’s  Bharat.

A  source  close to the Dark Phoenix distributors   Fox-Star says they want to  put up an “honourable  competition  for Bharat”.

Dark Phoenix is being released in  four languages English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. Interestingly  Sophie  Turner who is  Priyanka  Chopra’s  sister-in-law  plays  the  lead in  Dark Phoenix . Priyanka as we all know, walked   out  of  Bharat  at  the  last moment leaving  Salman  very  upset and  angry.

He has more  reason to be  upset now. It is  apparent that this Eid won’t be a cakewalk for Salman anymore. 

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