Salman Khan Parties Hard With Bigg Boss Winner

It was  a night to remember  for television actress Shilpa Shinde and all contestants of Bigg Boss on Sunday night .After the live telecast  of  the  finals, host Salman Khan  whisked Shilpa  and runner-up Hina  Khan to his private chalet for an impromptu party.

And eyewitness says, “It was  Salman at his fun-loving best. The dramatic style in which he announced the winner holding Shilpa and Hina’s hands made  both feel like winners.They could be  heard saying that no previous winners have been made to feel so special by Salman. After Shilpa  won she was  taken away  by the Colors team  for media interactions. But Salman  would have  none  of that. He literally pushed Shila, Hina and  the other Bigg Boss contestants out of the set and into his chalet on the premises built on Lonavla (aMumbai  suburb). The Colors team watched helplessly and indulgently.What Salman wants Salman gets  on  Bigg Boss. And that includes extra zeroes on the cheque.”

 Not known to be much of a party animal, Salman had a ball with theBigg Boss gang.

“Salman danced  with Shilpa Hina  and  the other Bigg Boss contestants. The party started at midnight and went on till 3 am. This  is  very unusual for Salman. He  dooesn’t party so  late in Mumbai, ever,” says the eyewitness.

 After the victory Shilpa Shinde in  the party mood exulted, “It’s still to sink in. But I think I  was  the most deserving candidate to win. I am thankful to all those who supported me, although I  hear a lot of the television fraternity did not support me. But that’s okay. I am grateful  to all. Future?  I haven’t thought about it. But I am not looking at television since there’s not much  there that I  find exciting. I am sure my fans would  like to see  me in a good feature film.”

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