Salman Khan To Release ‘Hit Girl’ Asha Parekh’s Autobiography

[tooltip id="4db8f5608d45f5de7881d9bce162f4bf"]Salman Khan">">[/tooltip] seems to have discovered his literary bent in veteran actress Asha Parekh’s autobiography The Hit Girl which will be formally release by the mega-star  himself on April 10.

Interestingly Asha Parekh, known as the ‘hit girl’ of  the 1960s for her nearly-unbroken string of successful films  , shares a very special history with Salman’s family. Salman’s father writer Salim Khan’s second wife Helen was a close friend of Asha Parekh and her girl gang of Waheeda Reman, Nanda , Sadhana , (veteran character-actressShammi) and Asha Parekh. The entire society of iconic sisterhood would often be seen at film previews organized by Salman’s father.

“Now Sadhana and Nanda are gone. It’s just Helen , Waheeda.Shammi Aunty  and me,” sighs Asha Parekh, not prone to succumb to defeatism or pessimism.It is this never-say-die spirit that the autobiography  aptly entitled The Hit Girl  brings forward.

“This is something I wanted to do but  hadn’t gotten down to doing for a very long time.My good friend journalist Khalid Mohamed whom I’ve known for years helped  me to do it.I hope the book is liked,” says Ashaji a tad nervously.

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