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Salman Khan Takes A Stand Cancels Concert Tour With Mika



Mika Singh’s  trip to Pakistan for a live show at a billionaire’s wedding has proved  costlier than he could  have ever imagined. While the singer may  have thought apologizing  publicly before  the  Federation Of  Western India Cine Employees(FWICE) would automatically solve all his ban-related  problems, and that he  would be free  to  sing and perform anywhere he wished all  over again.

Not so fast! In a sudden and shocking turn of events Salman Khan’s concert tour in the US featuring Mika that was to kickstart on  August 25 has  now been postponed to later date.

Apparently Salman who has so far been a fence-sitter has taken a stand not to  perform with Mika. This comes as a  big blow to the singer . Mika has sung some of  Salman’s  biggest chartbusterson  screen  including  Jumme ki raat in Kick , Aaj ki party(Bajrang Bhaijaan) and  440  volts(Sultan).

A  friend  close to Salman says  it is imperative  for  the star to  distance himself from elements whose nationalism may be under scrutiny.

“Nowadays you can’t be a star/celebrity in India  without making sure  of  your political correctness. Mika may have  apologized for performing in Pakistan. But  the singers remains tainted as a Pakistan-visited Indian musician-performer.”

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