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Salman Khan To Contribute To The Editing, Post-Production Of Dabangg 3



Is  Salman Khan all set  to turn into a full-fledged  director soon.  Considering how deep his involvement with the making  of  the  films that he  stars  in,it seems  likely he would  take credit for  direction soon.

 For Dabangg 3  Salman has been actively collaborating with  the film’s official  director Prabhudheva  over every  shot and  the editing.

Says a source in the know, “This has been the trend  from Dabangg  to Dabangg  2  to Dabangg 3. Salman’s  contribution has been increasing. In Dabangg 3 he could be billed as  co-director,if he wants,  so  high is his contribution.”

While the same  level of  involvement  was  seen by Sanjay Leela Bhansali as  interference which eventuated in his collaboration with Salman  Khan over the  project Inshallah being called off, Prabhudheva takes Salman’s ‘suggestions’(read: inputs) as valuable.

Reasons  Prabhudheva, “Salman Khan is  a vastly experienced actor. He  has been around for    25 years and has worked with some  of  the  best directors  of  the country. He  understands cinema.  His suggestions can  only  be  considered helpful and advantageous to the  film.”

As far as overseeing the editing of Dabangg 3  is concerned a  source says. “This is  Salman’s home production. He has every right to  decide  the  final shape of  the  film.Even when he does outside  films(non-home  productions) directors  take his  advice on  the final editing.”

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