Salman Khan Will Make An Appearance In Vantur’s Debut Film

He isn’t known  to be big-hearted for nothing. Salman Khan  will soon share a slice of his largesse with his rumoured Romanian  girlfriend Iulia Vantur who makes her debut as a leading lady in Prem Soni’s Radha Kyun Gori Main  Kyun Kala.

It is learnt that a very special  role is being written  into this film on a tourist’s  ecstasy and trauma as she seeks spiritual salvation.

Says  the  source, “Salman is  not only close to Iulia. He is also very fond  of the director Prem Soni who directed his in Mr & Mrs Khanna. When  Prem Soni fell ill some years ago, Salman offered all support. Now when Prem is  again directing a film with Salman’s girlfriend in the lead it is only  natural that Salman would pitch in.”

We can hardly wait to see how Salman is accommodated into Radha Kyun Gori Main Kyun Kaala.


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