Salman Khan’s Career Now Taken Charge By His Father

When it comes  to showbiz, it’s all within the  family now. As  the world around us shrinks, the Hindi entertainment industry  becomes more and more clannish and family-driven.

Salman Khan who is  a one-man entertainment empire should ideally be employing the services   of a fleet  of business managers. But in a swift and significant move he has handed  over  the  reins  of his career and the financial negotiations therein, to his father.

According to  very close  friend  of Salman,  “This is  nothing surprising.  In any case Salman never spent a single paisa without his father’s consent.I don’t know  if you know this. But Salman doesn’t spend a single penny  of his money. He has no vices. No  needs. All his money automatically goes  to his bank account.Earlier  he  had employed a business manager to handle his financial transaction. She was sacked. And  Salman’s brother  Sohail took over. But Sohail has his hands full with his own  work and family. So now Salim Saab(Salman’s father) takes care  of all of Salman’s  business transaction.”

The  new arrangement suits Salman, and he is very happy with it.

“Salim Saab has a good head  for money and a  brilliant script sense. He instinctively knows which projects Salman  should take up,” says  Salman’s friend.

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