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Salman Khan’s Fans Threaten To Boycott His Next Film, Offensively Songs Swiftly Removed



 Somehow, the Pakistani element has  almost  invariably crept  into  the  music  of Salman Khan’s films, whether  it  was  the  song  Dil  diya gallan  in Tiger Zinda Hai by Atif Aslam  or  Jag ghoomiya in Sultan sung by  Rahat Fateh Ali Khan(who replaced  Arjit Singh’s voice  in  the track).

Each time,  the issue of a boycott on  Pakistani talent has arisen and died down.Salman’s fans were willing to condone him anything  including  the Pakistani presence in his move projects. But this time after  the  Pulwama  carnage  , the Salmaniacs are not willing to budge.

There  is  a huge demand among  Salman’s  hardcore fans to get rid of the songs  sung by Pakistani singers. Dozens  of  tweets  have warned  Salman that  if the  terror-sponsoring nation’s talent is  included in Bharat they  won’t watch the film.

Acting swiftly, Salman has donated  a substantial sum to  the  martyr’s funds. The  offensive  songs are also being removed  from Bharat.

A  source close  to the  development  reveals, “Salman knows this time he can’t ignore the  demand to  ban the Pakistani  singers . He had earlier gotten away with it. He seems  to think  the voices  of  Fahat Fateh Ali Khan and  Atif Aslam suit him. And that may  be true. But there are far bigger truths  to tackle right now.To cling stubbornly to  the unwanted elements for purely selfish reasons would damage Salman’s reputation severely. That is  a risk he is not willing  to take.”

Information filtering out  of  Salman’s camp suggests that the  tracks recorded with  Pakistani singers for Bharat are being quietly dropped.

“They will re-record the songs in Indian voices and  pretend  the other  voices from over the barbed fence  never happened,” says a close friend  of  the Khan  superstar.

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