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Salman Khan’s Musical Association With Sajid-Wajid Ends With Wajid’s Death



While his sudden  demise  is yet to be processed into some  kind of  a coherence, music composer  Wajid Khan’s  going leaves  a deep dent in Salman Khan’s creative repertoire. Salman shared a  unique music bonding with Sajid and Wajid , specially Wajid whom he  instinctively  connected with.  

 Wajid’s  musical journey began  with Salman and ended with  Salman. It was  admittedly  a acutely massy merger  of  interests. The first song that Sajid-Wajid composed  for Salman   was in Pyar Kiya Toh Darna  Kya .

When in 1998 Sajid and Wajid met Salman with their songs he immediately liked  the duo’s  energetic music and easygoing attitude.  But Pyar Kiya Toh Darna  Kya already had Jatin-Lalit doing the  music.Salman  coaxed  Jatin-Lalit to let Sajid-Wajid do one  song in Pyar Kiya Toh Darna  Kya. As a career policy Jatin-Lalit didn’t do collaborative albums.  But then who says no to  Bhai?

This  beginning led into 4  songs  for Sajid-Wajid in  Hello Brother including the superhit Hata sawan ki ghata which Wajid  and his brother  composed.(Contrary  to reports  Wajid did  not write  the  lyrics  for this song.  Faiz Anwar  did). The song  was  an instant chartbuster and  ballbreaker. Therefafter Sajid Wajid did  the music for a  majority  of  Salman  starrers including of course Dabangg.

Speaking of  the  collaboration Wajid who  loved and respected Salman almost as much as his own  brother said to me once, “I think the reason why Salman Bhai clicks so well with us(Wajid and his brother Sajid) is because we  know the kind of songs he likes to project on screen, thodisi masti  thodasa romance and zero vulgarity. Bhai is as opposed to double-meaning songs as  we  are. The  closest we  came to doing  a risqué  number was Fevicol in Dabangg 2 and  that also, if you listen to closely, doesn’t contain a single vulgar word.”

 Besides the eschewal  of crassness Wajid also shared Salman’s love for his  family. If Salman’ s world revolves around his parents , the same is true  of Wajid  who  was so proud of his mother’s cooking that he  made sure all his friends had a taste  of her culinary skills.

I don’t think  Wajid was ever the same after his father’s death  some years ago. “It’s like a  part of me  died with Papa,” Wajid  told me. “My health also deteriorated after Papa’s death. It was like my world had come  crashing down.”

Salman was  a big help in those dark days. He  stood by the two  grieving shattered brothers waited  for them to recover from their mourning  period to do the music of Dabangg 3.

Thought Wajid won’t do Dabangg 4 he  did his career’s last two songs, designed specially for the coronova crisis, for Salman.

Wajid would not have liked it to end in  any other  way.

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