Salman Khan’s Name Being Used For Narendra Modi Bio-pic

 Is  Salman  miffed  with the makers  of the  Narendra Modi bio-pic?  No, say   sources close  to the  superstar.

A  friend  of Salman says this is again publicity for the Omung Kumar-directed  film which  Salman wants to avoid at any cost.

Says  the  friend, “When  they put Javed Saab’s  name in the trailer and he  protested, what happened? People  got to know about this film. Now  Salman’s name comes up saying he is upset because  the  song Suno gaur se duniya walon   from  Salman’s  shelved film(Dus) has been  filmed  on Vivek Oberoi.Arrey bhai, Vivek  can dance  to  any  song he wants. It’s  a free world.Salman has better things to do than to  worry about a song he shot 30 years ago.”

Apparently Javed Akhtar too has decided to say no  more about his name being without his consent.

Says a  source  close to Javed Saab, “This is  the oldest trick in the book to  get publicity  for a film.Pull the names  of  known  people into  it. Javed Saab  should not have reacted .He fell right into their trap”

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