Salman Makes It Very Clear That Priyanka In No Place In His Films

“Does she even want to work in India?”  Salman Khan asked  in Hindi at the  media interaction  in Delhi to  release  the trailer  of  his  home  production Loveratri .

 Salman’s outburst where he very clearly accused Priyanka of unprofessional behaviour  by opting out only ten days’ before she was  to start shooting for Bharat,  puts a very big question mark in front of Priyanka Chopra’s career in India.

Apparently a  collective decision  had been taken by  the team  of  the film Bharat to not answer questions about Priyanka Chopra at  the Loveratri media interactions. And  in fact Salman dodged the PC salvos in Mumbai  excusing  himself  by saying he  hadn’t read the newspaper  in  the last few days(though  how reading the  papers is connected with Priyanka’s exit from Bharat  , onlySalman can explain).

 But in Delhi he burst  out against Priyanka saying she had chosen to  inform  them of her departure  just ten days before shooting,  giving a reason  that suggested marriage. However,Salman spoke about the reason perhaps being  a bigger film. He wished her well in  a sarcastic tone.

 Says  a close  friend  of Salman’s,  “Salim Saab(Salman’s father) had very clearly briefed  Salmannot to talk about Priyanka Chopra at  the trailer  launch the Khan family’s son-in-law AyushSharma’s  film. But Bhai being Bhai and hence  thoroughly impulsive, he couldn’t hold himself back beyond a point because he was not in the wrong  in this matter. It was highly  unprofessional of  Priyanka to back out of Bharat in such careless manner.”

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