Salman & Priyanka Friends Again

It looks like the prolonged cold war between Salman Khan  is  over…at least  for now. Apparently Priyanka  requested  Salman  repeatedly to attend her wedding reception in Mumbai  after he  refused  to attend  her  wedding  in Jodhpur.

A  source  close  to  Salman says, “Bhai made  it very clear that his  sister Arpita who is a very close friend of  Priyanka, was most welcome to attend the wedding. He wasn’t going. Not after  the way Priyanka  let him down by opting out  of  Bharat at  the eleventh hour.”

To those who  came in  late, Priyanka and Salman were at loggerheads  for years. She  finally broke the ice and  asked her friend Ali Abbas Zafar who directs Bharat to  put in a word for her as  the leading lady. But she suddenly pulled  out of the project leaving Salmanfuming .

We don’t know how  persuasive Priyanka was  with Salman. But she managed to get  him to come to the wedding reception . The olive branch was further extended  when Priyankatrudged down to Salman’s home with her husband Nick Jonas right after the reception , “to seek his  blessings.”

We hope she doesn’t piss off Bhai again. Even the  Gods  don’t forgive  so many times.

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