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Samantha’s Marriage To Naga Chaitanya Being Patched Up By Nagarjuna



Naga Chaitanya and Samantha

 Telugu cinema  resident doyen Nagarjuna has  been hit hard by the trouble  in his son Naga Chaitanya’s marriage   to actress Samantha .Apparently Nagarjuna is leaving no stone unturned to ensure  the status  quo is restored,.

Nagarjuna  has been  urging his  son to make amends.

“Not that Naag Chaitanya is  guilty of any sins of marital transgression. He  has  never cheated  on his wife. On the contrary he has been a  loving doting husband ever since they tied the knot at   simple ceremony in Goa in 2017. Ever since then Naag has been the portrait of  a loving husband. So much so that  when he had to  be rude to his wife on screen in the film Majili Naag found it very difficult to look into his wife’s eyes with hatred  for the camera.  Now when Naag is asked to mend bridges with Samantha, Naag doesn’t know where to start.”

 Hyderabad is  abuzz with Samantha’s  pleasure pursuits during her sabbatical(hopefully temporary) from her marital vows.

 Naag Chaitanya is said  to be a  terrible shape. “He is only waiting to  fix the marriage  as soon as he knows what the  problem is.”

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