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Sanal Sasidharan: “If They Don’t Show My Film Now It Will Be Contempt  Of  Court”



It’s do-or-die  for the Sexy Durga  director. He is determined to make that  the organizers  of  the International Film Festival Of India(IFFI) comply with the honourable Kerala High Court’s  decision to show his film.

On Friday  the IFFI director Sunit Tandon asked  Sanal to submit a 35-mm print  of his film to the Festival.

But Sanal is not  convinced  about the Festival’s intention  of actually screening the film.

“Sunit Tandon had no choice but to respond after the Kerala High Court instructed  the IFFIto show my film. But there is no real evidence of the  film being slotted or screened at IFFIeven as  the festivities in Panaji continue. Precious days  are  being squandered as we wait for  the IFFI to follow court orders and screen my film,” says Sanal Sasidharan angrily

He agrees that  for all practical purposes  it looks as  though the IFFI is dillydallying.

To this  Sanal responds, “If  IFFI  is  sitting around waiting for  the Festival to be  over without showing my film, then it would amount to contempt  of court and  I’ll take legal action against  the  I & B ministry and the Government accordingly.”

Sanal is  determined  to see a closure  his fight against the  arbitrary exclusion  of  his film from Festival. “I don’t care what the repercussions will be.My films may  not be seen eligible  for any recognition or privileges after this (fight). But for me , getting S Durga the respect  it deserves  is  more important than anything else.”

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