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Sangram Singh: “Narsingh Yadav Ke Saath Bahot Ghalat Hua”



Fellow wrestler world-chap Sangram Singh is aghast at what Narsingh Yadav had to go through.

“Imagine the trauma that poor Narsingh went through for no fault of his.Usske saath bahot  ghalat hua.  I know the boy. For 15 years he has been clean .Why would he take dope when he is on the biggest mission  of his career to get a Olympic medal for the country?” asks Sangram as he heaves a sigh of relief  for what could have been a calamitous situation for Narsingh.
“When he should’ve been putting his energy into preparing for the big occasion at Rio, poor Narsingh was spending sleepless nights , consulting lawyers and giving interviews about his innocence. Why did he need to prove his innocence when he was innocent? Who put him in this traumatic situation just days before the Olympics? These are the questions that all of need to ask .And I don’t mean only the wrestling fraternity. There is dirty politics in every walk of life in our country.”

Some time ago  Narsingh had been openly challenged by fellow-wrestler  Sushil Kumar for the privilege to attend the Rio Olympics.

But Sangram gives Sushil Kumar a clean shit. “I know Sushil. He has only brought pride to the country. He has brought Olympic medals for India. So he knows what it feels like to be honoured in such a way. Sushil is senior to Narsingh. As seniors we all need to encourage support and respect young talent.I am persionally patronizing  young upcoming wrestlers from my village, giving them a chance to make their presence felt.Narsingh also has struggled a lot. This incident could’ve finished off his career. But God and the Prime Minister Narendra Modijiwas on Narsingh’s side.”

Regarding the dope being mixed with Narsingh’s food Sangram admits there has to be better security measures for national treasures. “Food at such events is made at a common mess. No one checks the content. When someone is going to represent the country at such a prestigious occasion there should be more  caution about his security including food. Given the circumstance anyone can mix  anything in the food at any time.”

Sangram wants the Government to get to the bottom of the controversy. “A boy has been  caught for putting the dope in Narsingh’s food. Why was he doing it? Who was behind this spiteful act?We as Indians andsportspersons should get over the crab mentality. Why do we want to pull down anyone who is on the road to success. Why do we celebrate only our own success, and not that of others?As long as we are so divided as people outside countries will take advantage of our lack of unity.”

Sangram now wants to see Narsingh win big at the Olympics. “He will go to fly our Tiranga high in Rio. Let’s salute him. And let’s hope no representative of our country has to go through what he did.”

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