Sanjay Bhansali On The Karni Sena Withdrawing Its Protest Against Padmaavat

 On  Saturday the very-active  Karni Sena  decided ,in all its wisdom, to withdraw its year-long  protest against the film Padmaavat.

Doing a 360-degree turn-around they now say that the film glorifies  the Rajput community and  that they would now be  helping  the  film get a release in Gujarat, Rajasthan andMadhya Pradesh.

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was understandably circumspect  on the  issue.  “I never understood what  the protest was  all about. I still don’t understand. I am just happy that the film has been released and  appreciated widely. Of course we’d like our film to release in  the states where it has been so far not been released. Isn’t that  the least we can expect after all we’ve gone through?”

 While Bhansali will  say no more, a team member  close to the  film wonders  why the KarniSena suddenly decided to  calm down. “It’s  all bizarre. The flare-up, the film industry’s silence,  the way Padmaavat was  hounded, and now this sudden  calming down of nerves after the film is released and the bogus pro-Rajput protests  have been discredited completely.”

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