Sanjay Dutt Abuses The Paparazzi On Diwali Night

There may be  a blanket-ban on shooting pictures of Sanjay Dutt . The paparazzi  was  insulted and abused on Diwali night when  they tried  to take pictures of  Dutt and  his family.

An eyewitness says, “Of course the  photographers were being  intrusive. You can’t be pushing cameras  into stars’ homes on Diwali. They  deserve  their privacy on certain occasions. But there is a way of expressing  your displeasure. When Alia Bhatt saw photographers  clicking her with RanbirKapoor at a restaurant on Diwali night she smiled and gently reminded them that they  should  be home with their families  on Diwali.Dutt , on the other hand, got progressively  annoyed and  finally let loose a torrent of maa-bahen galis. Not done. Not on any night. Specially  not on Diwali night when they were sacrificing their own time to be on the job.”

Friends  of  Dutt are surprised his nasty outburst.

  “He has always been  polite with the paps, offering them  food and water whenever  they are  clicking  outside his home.  But a couple of drinks down, and Dutt is  a different person.  It WAS Diwali and drinks do play a large hand in  your life  on that evening,specially when  you are SanjayDutt,” says a friend of  Dutt.

It remains to be seen whether the paparazzi forgets  and forgives or takes this matter  forward.

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