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Sanjay Dutt Excited About KGF 2



 Sanjay Dutt has  not had a favourable  run at the  boxoffice since his incarceration ended in February 2016. All his films  post-incarceration Bhoomi, Saheb Bibi Aur Gangster 3, Kalank , Prasthannam and Panipat have sunk without a trace.

Dutt now has all his hopes pinned  on  Kannada superstar Yash’s  KGF Chapter 2 which opens in  October.

In fact   Sanjay Dutt   is  so excited about his out-and-out  negative role and his hand-to-hand combat sequences with  Yash that he has  asked for extra  time  to prepare  for the action.

Says a source  in the know, “  Sanjay Dutt ’s  last big bit  Agneepath featured him as the  villain. KGF Chapter 2  also features him  in a completely negative role. The character has no redeeming  qualities. He is  pure evil. There are two combat action sequences between Yash and  Dutt and they are being  shot at the  end  so that  Dutt will have enough time to  get into perfect shape.”

The  KGF2 unit is all praise for Sanjay Dutt.

One of  the prominent  cast members  told me, “  Sanjay Dutt  is  dynamite in KGF Chapter 2  . This  is  his comeback  film.”

  There will be almost double the action of the first part in the second. Everything is bigger than the sequel and that includes the action scenes. The fights are going to  bloodier,more gory and  prolonged.

Don’t forget there is  the Bollywood action star  Sanjay Dutt  opposite Yash this time.There are two major hand-to-handcombats  between Dutt and him.

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