Sanjay Dutt To Make An Appearance In His Bio-Pic

So you thought only the Hollywood super-hero films have you glued to your seats until the end of the end-titles, when a surprise sequence from the next instalment of the franchise is often shown….

Hold on to your seats during Raj Kumar Hirani’s Sanjay Dutt bio-pic Sanju scheduled for release this Friday .Because Sanjay Dutt the man himself will be seen at the end of the film as a nice, heartwarming send-off gesture.

Sources say Hirani and the film’s team were in two minds as to whether the real Dutt should be part of the bio-pic.

“It felt like a kind of intrusion in the creative process.The minute you introduce the real character into a bio-pic you provide visual proof of how fake your creativity is. But then they realized that the audience would be expecting the real Sanjay Dutt to show up at least once before the film’s running-time runs out. Besides, Ranbir was okay with it(Sanjay Dutt showing up).”

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