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Sanjay Dutt’s Illness Stalls Shootings

Covid19 and now Sanjay Dutt’s  health setback put a  question mark  on his   three big pending assignments:  Kannada superstar Yash’s  KGF2   Yashraj films’ Shamshera  and Yashraj Film’s Prthiviraj Chauhan .

After the abrupt  termination  of  all public  activities Dutt was supposed  to resume shooting with action  sequences  in  two films alongside  his two co-stars Ranbir Kapoor and  Yash .

 But now with  his  illness  ,  Sanjay Dutt  may not be allowed  to resume shooting for a while specially  for strenuous sequences.

Waise  bhi, we  are not  releasing  our film before the middle  of  the next year. Kaun si abhi shooting  khatm  kar ke haumein theatre ki teraf  bhagna  hai(we are hardly running into movie theatres even if we complete  our film),”  says a member of  the Shamshera team.

However it is at the moment  exceedingly unclear when Dutt would be  able to return  to shooting.Those producers who choose to  wait for his return have a long wait ahead .As  for those who replace him they are  looking  a  long  patches  of  expensive re-shooting.

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