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Sanjay Puransigh Chauhan To Take Sushant Singh Rajput Into Space

The one other thing that director Sanjay Puransingh Chauhan shares with the leading man of his second directorial venture besides a lengthy name, is a passion for excellence.

Sushant Singh Rajput has dedicated his whole being to playing the astronaut in Chauhan’s Chanda Mama Door Ke.

And the director is taken aback. “I expected Sushant to give all of himself to the astronaut’s part. But this goes beyond my expectations. He takes his character and the film to another level altogether. Sushanthas given the film much more than I expected. Both Sushant andNawazuddin Siddiqui are extrordinarily dedicated to making Chanda Mama Door Ke something never seen before in our cinema.”

And what exactly is Chauhan attempting? “It is India’s first space film. I don’t want it to be like any of the  great space from Hollywood. I know we don’t have the resources to make something like Arrival orApollo 13. But we have the passion and I think we’ve an extraordinary concept.  And there is our producer Viki Rajani who has complete faith in what we’re doing.”

After Chauhan made his direcrtorial debut with Lahore he took a break and left for the US.  “It was in the US that my ambition of making India’s first space film  concretized. Luckily everything fell into place. I got a supportive producer and a leading man who surrendered completely to his part.”

Chauhan will release Chanda Mama Door Ke  on 26 January 2018.  “It is an ode to India and Indianness. I am  not the least abashed aboutChanda Mama Door Ke being a patriotic film. We can’t think of  a better time to release the film than Republic Day.”

The filmmaker with a  vision is ready to face the music as and when the film opens. “I know I am dreaming big.But I’ve lived with this dream  from the beginning of my career. In fact I wanted Chanda Mama Door Ke to be my first film.But I couldn’t get the support system to prop up my dream. So I made Lahore instead. Now when I’m living my dream I know my film with be compared with the space classics of Hollywood. But let me make it clear that we’ve undertaken a voyage into space that no  filmmaker has dared before. And by the way, Gravity wasn’t even released when I completed my script.”




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