Sara Ali Khan Happy To Play The Conventional Heroine In Simmba


After    her author-backed  role in Kedarnath,the  much in-demand Sara Ali Khan will be  seen  in a not-so-pivotal  role  in Rohit Shett’s Simmba this week

And Sara  is not at  all unhappy with her  reduced space.

 Says  the post-debut actor  about her sophomore  role,  “It’s  a commercial Hindi film.  Of course  the role is not as  large  asKedarnath and I hope my fans won’t be disappointed. I aspire  to be very versatile.”

  Wouldn’t her fans  be disappointed?

Sara  protests, “I’ve just started  out. I don’t have  fans. My well-wishers  should know  I am here  to do all  kinds of work. Will I  cherish my author-backed role in Kedarnath  for  the  rest of my life? Yes I will.  But dancing  with Ranveer Singh  asNeha Kakkad does my playback is  also my dream come true.”

  She is  well-adjusted  to  the shifting dynamics  of  commercial  Hindi cinema. “It’s okay if I am not there in Simmba as  much as I was  in Kedarnath.It’s okay  if don’t have that  big  role.  Being a part  of a Rohit Shetty film  is as much a high for me as being a central character  in Kedarnath. When I signed  Simmba I  was   very aware of my  role. One needs  to know why one  is  doing what one is doing. I did Simmba with my eyes  open. I am thrilled  to be part of  it.I aspire to  do all genres of  cinema.”

Displaying a  wisdom far beyond her years Sara says, “An actor does every film in  the  hope of success and in the  hope of learning  something new. I’ve learnt  a lot from working in  both Kedarnath and Simmba.”

What would your  third  film be?  “Something that challenges and excites me. Right  now I am promoting  Kedarnath andSimmba. I  am  scared when this ends there will be  a void in my life. I can’t wait  to get  into another project.”

And  yes, no  holiday for Sara.  “Not at all. I don’t want  to take  a break. Abhi toh maine kuch bhi nahin kiya hai. Mujhe aaplogon ko abhi bahot entertain karna hai.”

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