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‘Sara Is Welcome To Play Mrs Bindra’



Reports  in a section of  the  press that  Sara Ali Khan is doing a bio-pic directed  by Kanan Iyer has someone closely associated with the project in  splits.

“Kanan  Iyer has been researching and working  on only one bio-pic for the last  four years, and that’s the one  on  the Olympian  sharp-shooter Abhinav Bindra. Now , Harsha vardhan Kapoor  is  playing Bindra. So what could Sara play? She would be  welcome to play MrsBindra,  but sadly there is  no Mrs Bindra,” says a source very close to the Iyer-Bindra  bio-pic.

So where  did  this  story  of Sara in a  bio-pic emerge  from?

Apparently since Sara’s arch-rival  Janhvi Kapoor is doing a  bio-pic on  India’s first femaleairforce  pilot Gunjan Saxena,  Sara Ali Khan’s team presumably thought  it would be  good idea to throw an imaginary  bio-pic into her career.

 Bio-pics are about  real people. Sadly the entertainment  industry is far removed  from reality.

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