Why Was Sara Khan Taken To Kedarnath ?

By A  Correspondent

Recent marketing strategies to project Saif Ali Khan’s daughter’s debut in an appealing light has been pretty close to bizarre. Firstly, there was a  “rumour” planted in the press that Sara will team up with Sushant Singh Rajput.

However sources close to Sushant  found the “rumour” premature.And immature.

“No  papers have been signed. Nothing is official. How can they plant rumours without official confirmations and contracts?” say the source.

Then followed Bizarre Move No 2. The hapless girl was taken to the tough trekking terrain of  Kedarnath with the director Abhishek Kapoor.

“And they still claim it is all unofficial rumours. You are being seen with the film’s debutante heroine travelling to Kedarnath as the film is titled Kedarnath. And you still claim it’s unofficial?” a prominent filmmaker wants to know.

Significantly Sushant, busy promoting his new release Raabta , was nowhere to be seen in Kedarnath with his  purported director and leading lady.

“To Sushant it made no sense to rush to Kedarnath  before any  formal  announcement,” says a source.

Apparently Sara’s mother Amrita Singh is not very happy with the way her daughter’s debut is being projected in the media. But Amrita has little  say  in the matter as her daughter is taking her own independent career decisions.

Says an insider, “Amrita Singh was keen that Sara make her debut in a Karan Joharproduction. But nothing was happening. Sara got impatient. She grabbed the AbhishekKapoor film with Sushant although the director’s last film Fitoor was a disaster.”

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